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Overall Trend of Smart Photovoltaics in 2024 (2)

Overall Trend of Smart Photovoltaics in 2024 (2)

June 04, 2024

4. Full-scenario Grid Forming: Grid formation technology expands from large ground power stations to industrial, commercial and household use, and combines with other renewable energy sources to build a new power system.

5: Four-dimensional safety: Safety moves from single dimension to four dimensions. Ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of the new power system requires joint efforts from the industry and society.

6. Cell to Grid energy storage safety: Achieve energy storage safety from cells to grids, and create a safe, more efficient, and actively networked energy storage system.

7. High voltage and high reliability: High voltage reduces the cost of photovoltaic storage systems, improves availability, and ensures continuous and reliable operation of the system through technology.

8. High frequency and high density: Multiple technology upgrades improve the power density of power electronic converters;

9. High-quality power quality: Improve power quality, promote the large-scale application of photovoltaic storage systems, and meet the ever-increasing standard requirements.


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