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The end of AI is photovoltaics and energy storage

The end of AI is photovoltaics and energy storage

May 30, 2024

  Regarding the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and photovoltaics and energy storage, Nvidia founder Huang Renxun once mentioned in a public speech that the future development of AI is closely linked to photovoltaics and energy storage. He emphasized that we should not only focus on the improvement of computing power, but also need to consider energy consumption more comprehensively. Huang Renxun clearly stated: "The end of AI is photovoltaics and energy storage! If we only consider computers, we need to burn 14 Earth's energy." This view has aroused widespread attention and deep thought.


  Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, also expressed a similar view. He believes that the future development of AI technology will be highly dependent on energy, especially the progress of photovoltaics and energy storage technology. Their views point out an important fact: with the rapid development of AI technology, its demand for energy is also growing. Therefore, the development of clean and sustainable energy supply, such as photovoltaics and energy storage technology, is of great significance to support the continued evolution of AI.


  From this perspective, photovoltaics and energy storage are not only important development directions in the energy field, but also key factors in supporting the future development of AI technology. These technologies can provide clean and renewable energy, help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and provide AI with a cleaner and continuous source of power. Therefore, it can be said that the development of photovoltaic and energy storage technologies is crucial to achieving the sustainable development of AI technology.


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